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Roadworthy Inspection: Why Is It Necessary?

Whether you sell used cars or buy from a dealer, private individual, or auction, a roadworthy inspection is required. Getting a roadworthy inspection does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is new, it means the vehicle is safe and in roadworthy condition. This inspection is essential for you to be able to register a car in your name.

If you live in Maroochydore, you are still highly encouraged to put your vehicle under a roadworthy inspection annually however annual inspections are not mandatory in Queensland.

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What is a Roadworthy Inspection?

Your vehicle needs to be checked to ensure and prove that it is in safe condition before it is put up for sale or used on public roads. This process is called roadworthy inspection. Your entire vehicle is thoroughly checked during the process against the Department of Main Roads and Transport check list. After the inspection, if the vehicle is deemed safe a roadworthy certificate will be issued to prove that the vehicle has passed the assessment. If it fails, the assessment and not in roadworthy condition a failed certificate detailing the defects at this time the vehicle should not be driven on the road and is uninsured the department of transport and main roads give you up to 14 days to get the repairs completed and within this time a final roadworthy inspection can be completed and if all defects are rectified a passed certificate will be issued.

Roadworthy certificates are required by the department of transport when you go to either transfer or re-registration a vehicle, or when changing states. As a seller you will be required to provide a valid roadworthy certificate at time of sale unless you are selling the vehicle unregistered, specified in your ad, and advised the buyer before purchase that you are selling the vehicle without a roadworthy. In the event you are buying an unregistered vehicle you will be required to do get roadworthy certificate to register the vehicle before driving on the road. Keep in mind that your roadworthy certificate only proves that your car is safe on public roads—it does not necessarily mean that it is in its most perfect and optimal condition.

Why Are Roadworthy Inspections Necessary?

Apart from the fact that roadworthy certificates are required in all Australian states and territories, there are other situations that require you to put your vehicle under a roadworthy inspection. We've listed these situations below:

Registering your Vehcile for the first time

When you register your vehicle for the first time 

When you sell a used registered vehicle

If you are pulled over and issued with a defect call AKAutos today for a repair and roadworthy inspection

If you are pulled over and are issued a defect notice

If you are moving state you will require a new roadworthy inspection

If you move to a different state or territory


Roadworthy Inspection in Maroochydore

If you are looking for a reliable Mechanic in Maroochydore or an approved Queensland Roadworthy Inspection Centre, then look no further. At AKAutos we will look after you, from roadworthy inspections to mechanical repairs and or tyres needed for the roadworthy inspection, making life easy. You do not need to worry about having the get the car towed to a different repairer if it fails an inspection, we do the lot. Call AKAutos on 0754796655 today to book an appointment. We are open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00pm.

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