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CAR SERVICING - AKAUTOS Tyres, Car Servicing, Car Repairs, Wises Road, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

Your Sunshine Coast Local One Stop Shop for Big Brand Car, SUV and 4WD Tyres, Car Servicing, Car Mechanical Repairs and Roadworthy's for most makes and models we do the lot.

Why choose us?

Local family owned and run company, our Maroochydore mechanics have over 30 years' experience, for a good quality reliable service we will look after your car likes it's our own.


Regular Car Servicing is So Important! 

Regular Car Servicing is essential to the longevity of your car and its ongoing safety. There are different options you can choose from

AKAutos Essential Car Service

Essential Car Service 

AKAutos Essential Service 

When you don't want to follow the 

log book servicing, or have an older car and want to keep you vehicle maintained. 

This no fuss service is for you.

You can also upgrade to the 

Essential Service Plus. 

AKAutos 4WD Essential Car Service

4WD Essential Service 

AKAutos 4WD Essential Service includes

When you don't want to follow the log book servicing, or have an older vehicle  and want to keep you vehicle maintained. This no fuss service is for you. You can also upgrade to the Essential Service Plus.

AKAutos Logbook Service

Log Book Service 

AKAutos is an authorised logbook service workshop with the latest manufactures service requirements and diagnostic equipment which maintains your new car warranty. You can also upgrade to a Engine VIP Service.

Quality Assurance

  • We only use quality OEM specification parts.
  • Latest technology equipment
  • Full database of the latest up-to-date manufacturers service schedules and details  
  • Over 20 years experience you can be assured your car will be thoroughly checked and looked after.  
AKAutos Log Book Servicing

Upgrade to a VIP Engine Service 

With any service you can also upgrade to include a premaintenance treatment kit.

This includes 2 performance treatments an engine flush and a fuel injector system treatment

to get it running tip top and maintain a health engine, plus you get a bonus 6 months FREE Roadside Assistance.

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