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4WD ESSENTIAL SERVICE - AKAUTOS Tyres, Car Servicing, Car Repairs, Wises Road, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

Your Sunshine Coast Local One Stop Shop for Big Brand Car, SUV and 4WD Tyres, Car Servicing, Car Mechanical Repairs and Roadworthy's for most makes and models we do the lot.

Why choose us?

Local family owned and run company, our Maroochydore mechanics have over 30 years' experience, for a good quality reliable service we will look after your car likes it's our own.

4-wheel drive vehicles require addition checks compare to a normal 2 wd vehicle. They also can be used for towing and off roading and therefore subject to extra stress. Here at AKAutos we understand the needs of these vehicles, we service to a high standard and can also carry out the mechanical repairs or suspension upgrades that a off road vehicle owner may need. 

AKAutos 4WD Essential Car Servicing
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter
  • Check lights, wipers, washers top up screen wash
  • Check under bonnet, fluid levels, test brake fluid and coolant
  • Check under bonnet, air filter and pollen filter, external belts, radiator and hoses
  • Under bonnet battery test
  • Check under vehicle brakes, exhaust, transmission, steering, suspension.
  • Check front and rear differential nd check oil levels and condition
  • Check 4wd operation on road test.
  • Greasing addition points i.e. prop shaft bump stops etc.
  • Adjust hand brake
  • Check tyre treads and pressure
  • Lubricating door hinges and locks
  • Road test vehicle
  • On competition we go through the results of the inspection.
AKAutos Car Servicing

Essential Plus Service

  • ​An Essential Plus Service includes all the above plus:-
  • Engine Management Diagnostic Scan
  • Tyre Rotation and wheel balance 

Call AKAutos today to book in for a Car service

0754796655 if its out of hour, no problem we have an out of hours message service where you can leave a message and we will call you back or alternatively you can fill out the form below.



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