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Essential Guide to Car Servicing

Why Car Servicing Is Crucial for Your Car’s Health

Just like ensuring your body’s health, your car and engine health is also important to keep it running smoothly. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and requires the engine oil and oil filter to be replaced regularly. The oil degrades over time and if not replenished it will cause internal engine wear and eventually break down. The rest of the vehicle also need attention on a regular basis and the best way to care for your car is to get ahead off any issues.

Your car is an investment, with regular preventative maintenance car servicing is the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle. If you compare a serviced car versus a neglected one, the former will surely outlast the other.

If you want your car to last longer, it is best practice to follow the preventative maintenance Logbook Servicing schedule recommended by your cars manufacturer. This will help you to keep your car on the road and get ahead if there are any potential issues before they come a bigger problem.

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Here are some important reasons to perform car servicing regularly:

AKAutos Regular Car Servicing

Regular Car servicing will save you time and money

Avoiding of missing car servicing will cost you more money overall. It may seem like Logbook car servicing costs are expensive, but this preventative maintenance approach will save you money overall and reduce the possibility of breakdowns/non starts which will cost for towing or call out fees.

AKAutos Engine Issues

Bigger problems mean bigger costs

With regular car servicing, you can easily detect problems early or before things fail. For example, we test your battery at every service, if it is getting low it can be replaced it before it fails. Saving time and money as avoids a non-starting issue. At AKAutos every car service essential has an inspection checklist, at the end of the service we can advise the condition of these items and provide a plan of if things need attention.

AKAutos to help keep you on the road

It ensures your safety when on the road.

Car servicing includes safety checks that are vital for you and your family’s safety on the road. It identifies components that need repair or replacement like car brakes if they are getting low this can be identified before they fail.

AKAutos value your car and keep it running

It helps retains the car’s resale value.

If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle a full logbook service schedule is what buyers look for. This shows them the vehicle has been well looked after and give then an idea of which services is next due. This will increase the cars value and give new buyers confidence they are getting a good car.

AKAutos Car Servicing

Essential Car Servicing

When you just want the basics covered to keep you on the road. This is ideal for people on a budget or if you have an older car you want to keep maintained. This allows you to keep check on the vehicle and advise of any issue due to wear and tear or faults.

If you have a 4WD Vehicle then there are extra things that need checking and lubricating compared to a standard 2wd vehicle, so ensure when asking for a service that you specify a 4wd drive service.

At AKAutos after each service, if we have found any issues, we will go over the advisories with you and can create a plan to meet any priories and budget to help keep you on the road.   

Different Types of Car Service in Maroochydore

There are several types of car servicing available to you to suit your budget.

Logbook Car Servicing

AKAutos is an authorised logbook service workshop with the latest manufactures service requirements and diagnostic equipment. If you have a new car this is the service schedule you must follow if you want to maintain your new car warranty. You do not have to go to the dealer for your servicing AKAutos is an authorised logbook service repairer, so you just need to follow the logbook.

It is a proactive maintenance servicing schedule set out by the car manufacture. Based on the vehicle kilometres and age. The manufacturers schedule is detailed in the owner's handbook/service manual. You will find that there are different elements to be changed /checked depending on the kilometres/age of the vehicle.

If you do exceptionally low kms and under the annual average the manufacture recommend, then you will also need to do an interim service between your main logbook service. This service replenished your oil and filter as they degrade quicker if you only do short journey. This is recommended if you want to keep your engine in tip top condition. 

AKAutos Logbook Car Servicing
AKAutos Engine Diagnosis

Major Car Servicing

At AKAutos, if you have not had your car service for a long time you can do a major car service, this service includes changing all the vehicle soils and fluid and filters with a full inspection. Then any advisories of any faults can be advised at the end with priority plan provided  

AKAutos Car Service in Maroochydore

Having your car serviced is one thing, having an experienced mechanic doing a quality car service is another.

Our reliable mechanic in Maroochydore has over 30 years' experience. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy experienced Mechanic in Maroochydore then look no further. With AKAutos, rest assured that your car’s health is cared for. There are various car servicing options you can choose from us, namely, Essential Car Service, 4WD Essential Service, and Logbook Service. Best of all, you can upgrade each of these options if you think your car needs extra TLC.

If you are looking for car service in Maroochydore, give us a call on (07)54796655 today to book an appointment and get started! 

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